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Thermal Windows



Thermal windows are airtight windows, sealed and insulated to keep the inside temperature isolated from the effects of the weather outside.
They are mainly made of polymer, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass.

The awareness of the importance of thermal insulation in Israeli houses is limited, due to the notion that the winter here is not as cold as in Europe. Consequently, most of the buildings are not insulated, and in winter, the houses are cold with cold air from the outside, continually penetrating the home. We spend costly resources on heating the house using air conditioners and other types of expensive heaters.

Materials have different levels of heat transmission. A lack of thermal window insulation allows the cold (or hot) air penetration into the house, making it very cold in winter and very hot in summer. The solution, therefore, is insulated windows.

Solar radiation seeps through the windows and transfers its infrared and ultraviolet rays as well as the heat into the house. Sealed, thermal windows block the transmission of the harmful rays and act as a thermal and acoustic barrier.

LowE glass, coating, or shades will protect the house from the harmful radiation.

Noise is another problem that can be significantly reduced with thermal windows. If you live on a busy road or near a recreation area, a childcare facility, or a school, thermal windows are the best solution to protect the house from noise; they also prevent dust from entering the house. PVC-regulated thermal windows will keep your home safe from any noise, dirt, and the weather!