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“New Horizons” was founded by professionals with over 30 years of experience in the aluminum industry. In our continuously evolving reality, it is required, in the field of aluminum as well, to keep up with advanced technology. In addition, clients also need advanced and creative solutions.


That is exactly why “New Horizons” was started, to provide quality, progress and creative thought along with experience and professionality to our customers. Our projects are diverse and include upscale projects, residential buildings, restaurants, offices and public and private institutions.

All our aluminum products are up to code according to the European Committee for Standardization, and include windows, blinds, screens, shading solutions, unique aluminum rails, pergolas, shade and weather solutions, covering and curtain walls.

Other products provided by the company include thermal, minimalistic, and aluminum wood profiles.

פרופיל חברה - ניו הורייזונס